This checklist contains the guidelines given by the government. This is specifically for various dialysis units across the place. If patients arrive at hospitals with Cocid-19 symptoms, this needs to be followed.

Before The Arrival Of The Patient                                                                Done(Y/N)  Remarks

Things to Assess:

The dialysis staff needs to be educated about:

  • Epidemiology, Testing and Triage of Covi-19.
  • Wearing the PPEs.
  • Etiquettes to be observed while coughing and sneezing.
  • Hand wash and sanitization.

Details related to Stocks:

  • Dialysate, dialysers, tubes, catheters, fistula, needles and heparin.
  • Disinfectants and medication.
  • Stick of PPEs and sanitization materials.

Details related to staff rosters and shifts:

  • Presence of adequate staff members.
  • Detection of Exposure rate of staff members.

Signboards in all languages in the Dialysis unit

Signage asking patients and relatives to report Covid-19 symptoms

Instructions related to reporting of SAR Covid 19 before embarking into the Dialysis area

The Screening Area

Things to Assess:

Presence of an entry and exit for staff members and patients

Presence of a specific area for screening patients before dialysis begins

Adequate space for social distancing in the wards

Availability of Masks

Screening Guidelines in the Screening area:

  • Covid -19 symptoms
  • Thermal screening
  • Contact History
  • Recent Travel History Outside India


Presence of adequate and relevant signage on Covid -19.

Sanitizing norms in the wards – hand wash with at least 60% alcohol for hand

wash with liquids disinfectant soaps for 20 seconds

Signing of consent documents with respect to Covid-19


The Dialysis Area

Elements To be Assessed

Teaching of Cough Etiquettes to patients

Maintenance of Eating guidelines

Presence of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Presence of Trash cans

Presence and usage of 3-layer surgical masks

Following of hand hygiene rules

Presence of Questionnaire on Respiratory symptoms of dialysis staff

Social distancing norms maintenance in the unit

Availability and Usage of:

  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Oxygen saturation probes
  • BP cuffs


Guidelines for Suspected Patients

Dialysis arrangements for Covid -19 patients:

Needs isolation

Staff division between positive and negative patients


Dialysis norms of patients detected for Covid -19 in the last few hours.

Distance of 2 meters maintained between two patients

Usage of PPE for staff caring for Covid-19 infected patients

  • Shoe covers
  • Gown
  • Googles
  • Cap
  • Mask N95 or Triple layer
  • Surgical gloves

Maintenance of usage guidelines of PPEs and disposal

Notification about Covid-19 positive patients to District medical teams


Cleaning and Disinfection Process

Cleaning details of dialysis machines and trash cans after each shift

Change of upholstery and bed linen after each shift

Maintenance of gowns and kits and disinfection with 2% hypochlorite solution

Disinfection of furniture – beds, tables, trays, counters, toilets, faucets, taps, bathroom WC.

Presence of dedicated cleaners for wheelchairs and weighing machine

Usage and maintenance of 2 % hypochlorite, 60 % alcohol and other disinfectants

Proper usage and disposal of gloves

RO disinfection procedure maintenance