Why is Kidney Transplant better than Dialysis?

A kidney is a bean-shaped fist-sized organ which is responsible for excreting the waste particles and other harmful substance out from the blood by producing urine. Kidney Transplant in Delhi has become quite common. A Kidney transplant might require for many reasons which mostly includes any chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. Kidney transplant helps in restoring the fatal condition of the kidney by surgery or replacing a kidney with a new one. A kidney transplant is a last-minute solution for all the patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.

What is a Kidney Transplant?

In simpler words, a kidney transplant in Delhi is a surgery or a surgical process that involves the replacement of an old and damaged kidney with a new one given by a donor. Thus, the normal functioning of the kidney is affected when it is negatively impacted by any chronic disease.

The need for a Kidney transplant : There are certain malfunctions of kidneys that can be treated by dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment procedure under which a machine undertakes the responsibility of the kidney when they become incapable of doing their duties. Dialysis can be troublesome whereas consulting kidney transplant doctors in Delhi could be a wise idea.

The proper functioning of the kidney is measured with the GFR or glomerular filtration rate. If the measurement resulted in 20ml/min or less, then it is considered to be a chronic kidney disease or the last stage of renal disease. Following are the reasons why one should prefer a kidney transplant over dialysis:

  •    A successful kidney transplant can give lifelong freedom from visiting the medical center on a regular basis and improve the quality of your life.
  •    Dialysis helps in improving the function of kidneys; however, the fatality might reoccur. Having a kidney transplant will eventually reduce the risk of uncertain death.
  •    Under Dialysis, the subject might need to maintain a strict diet that might not involve in case of a kidney transplant.
  •    Kidney transplant incurs onetime payment whereas Dialysis may incur regular expenses.

When will you not be eligible for a Kidney Transplant? : As discussed earlier, the benefits of having a kidney transplant are mentioned through the comparison with dialysis. However, there is a certain time when you might not be eligible for having a kidney transplant even after being diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases. Following are the condition where a kidney transplant hospital in Delhi considers before undertaking the transplant process:

  • The first thing that would be a matter is age, which is far more important than kidney transplant costs in Delhi.
  • A person above the age of 70-75 might be at a higher risk.
  • Any other underlying chronic diseases that might not get better even after having a transplant. This includes cancerous disease and infections that cannot be cured.
  • Any health condition caused due to high drug dosage or alcohol consumption is non-curable.

People who are at the last stage of renal disease can avail of extra years of life after a successful kidney transplant. However, it’s always better to take safety measures to stay away from the medical as well as fatal diseases.